Friday, April 18, 2008

Fur-rocious Friday

Stay off my new bed you bratty little sister, Laila!

Oh, yeah, Mom said we had a 5.4 earthquake here in Illinois 230 miles south of Chicago at 4:37 am this morning. We were sleeping so we didn't feel it. We checked all our pictures on the wall and nothing was disturbed. Not even one that moves with the least little noise. She said she did feel and saw the couch shaking with the 5.1 one in 1987.


  1. That is a ferocious look! If I were Laila I would go and hide!

  2. *whew*
    We are glad you were affected by that what a ferious look you're giving everyone...


  3. Some people here in Detroit felt it, too. But Momma didn't. She wasn't sleeping, though, because we were playing Thundering Herd of Elephants. hee hee

    Happy Friday!

  4. We felt it too! We were all watching Mom in the bathroom and all of a sudden we were shaky!
    We freaked out a little! Puff whapped me!

  5. Lilly, that is a very impressive face you are making! I am sure Laila will be careful not to bother you.

  6. You do look quite fur-rocious, Lilly!

    We saw that on the news this morning! We're glad your pictures are still hung straight! Whew!!

  7. Sisters can be such a trial.

    I'm glad nothing was hurt when that nasty earthquake hit!

  8. We never know quite what to make of earthquakes here in Cali. We are so glad it was only a little one and everyone was safe!

  9. oh wow! i wouldn't try to get on your bed!
    i'm glad you're all OK. i hope you weren't scared kitties. i don't think i'd like the ground shaking.

  10. If I were Laila, I wouldn't go anywhere near your bed! As for the earthquake, we didn't feel anything. Mommie and I were snoozin' away.

  11. Whoa, now that's an attitude, she must be taking lessons from Toy. He has a hissy-fit for almost every reason possible. Ty never believes him and bops him on the head. Glad you didn't feel that earthquake!


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