Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Mancat Mystery

Please, effury cat, say prayers for Roomba. He has been missing from Mom's work since last Friday morning after she fed him. This weekend she kept driving over there looking and calling for him in the bushes, all around the industrial park and is really very sad and worried. In the 16 months she has been taking care of him at work, this is the first time he's not been there to greet her in the morning for his breakfast. He is always there. It is his home. MiniMe is there and she is sure he/she is lonely for him.

Mom just got to work and still no Roomba. This time she started crying. She is hoping someone trapped him and will find him a good home. But what is really scary is that a raccoon has been hanging around the last few days and she's scairt they may have gotten into a fight. But the raccoons have been here all the time on and off. Poor Mom!


  1. We will all say prayers and purrs for Roomba to come back!

    ~ Timothy and The Bunch

  2. Purrs for Roomba. That is very worrying.

  3. Oh no! I am purring very very hard for Roomba . . .and your mom!

  4. Oh no, I hope Roomba is okay. I felt like I knew him after reading all about him on your site. I am purring and purring that he comes back soon, or that he has found a wonderful Forever home.


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