Thursday, February 21, 2008

Waiting patiently

Mom, when are we going to be able to open up the windows again? I really, really, really need to breathe some fresh air. It was nice having the door in the living room open for a little on Sunday when the temps got up into the 40's, but now they are locked up tight again. Boohoohoo! I'm getting cat-bin fever!


  1. We all have cat-bin fever too! Hopefully Spring will come back really soon, but probably not until after tomorrow because we are going to have a snow and ice storm!

  2. Yes, being stuck inside can't be too good. I think spring is on the way though!

  3. I am eagerly awaiting smelling the fresh air too!

  4. Cat-bin fever sounds like a very terrible illness. I hope Spring comes soon!

  5. awww poor Lilly! Be careful and don't fall off the window ledge. Tell mom to buy you a bookcase like we have!

    ~Bonnie and Bailey

  6. I feel ya. I can't to smell the fresh air smells and feel the sun all afternoon long.

  7. I think your bean will open the window for you in no time~!

  8. Sun?
    Fresh air?
    Open doors?
    Warm Weather?
    We are not familiar with those terms.


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