Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the furriends who visit our blog.

Mom is doing okay after her fall. Lots of aches in her bones. She even dug out the heating pad last night. The reason she slipped in the parking lot was because they hadn't plowed and yesterday when she came to work they still hadn't plowed. She was in panic mode but was able to get inside without falling again. And guess what it's gonna do later? Yep! Snow again! Come on, give us a break!!!


  1. I hope your mom feels less achy soon!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Lilly and Laila, and your mom too!

  2. I hope it is all just aches that will go away soon!

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. A very Happy Valentine's Day to all you Cat-a-holics, and I hope your mom is feeling better soon!

  4. Happy Valentines Day!

    We hope your mom's knee feels better soon!

  5. Happy Valentine's!

    I hope your mom's body heals up quickly!


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