Saturday, February 2, 2008

Roomba has visitors

On the left is Roomba's mom, Eureka, eating stinky goodness.This picture was taken the day before the big snow storm.

Eureka's newest kitten that Mom named MiniMe as she is the spitting image of Eureka.

MiniMe has discovered the comfort of the tent and bedding inside.

Mom was so busy at work yesterday she didn't even have time to take pictures of the snow where these kitties live. She had to dig out a hole in the bushes on Roomba's side and shovel around the tent (which was safe and MiniMe was in there when she got to work) but other than that they were fine. Roomba was a bit out of sorts for a while because of all the snow plows and shoveling going on. MiniMe was playing in the snow on the sidewalk and Mom was laughing so hard because she's never seen a cat play like that in the snow. She was having a blast jumping around, sliding and playing hockey with the little snow clumps.


  1. i will haf to come bak later, i can't see the pictures

  2. I know I can't see the photos either. I hate it when blogger does that.

    I am glad that Roomba is safe though and that MiniMe is having so much fun

  3. I'm glad they are all ok in this weather. I worry about all the outdoor kitties!

  4. Rats, I cannot see the pictures either, and I really wanted to see Roomba's family. I will come back later!

  5. No can see pictures here either. MiniMe sounds more puppy than kitten with those antics!

  6. Your Mom is very special to look after those outside kitties so well.


    Gypsy & Tasha


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