Monday, February 4, 2008

Mom's excuse for not making the bed today

Lilly decided this morning before her day long nap was the purrfect time for a bath.

She has lot's of furs to clean!

You cannot believe how horribly ugly it is here today! It's foggy, we got more snow and today they are saying we could get thunderstorms before the weather turns again and 6 more inches of snow. We hate Chicago weather! It changes every 5 minutes, right Sophie?


  1. I am glad that your human made the sacrifice to not make the bed! I hate being disturbed when they insist on that.

  2. Lilly, your comfort is much more important than getting the bed made!

  3. How nice of your Mom to leave the bed the way you like it. Our Mom does that for us too and we like to snuggle down in the blankies for a nice long nap!

  4. Funny, I was preventing mommie from making the bed yesterday! It's so foggy in the city, I can't see anything out the window! Oh how I miss the sunshines.

  5. She is just pre-warming the bed for when mom comes home after being out in the cold.

  6. Hey Lilly, you're perfectly entitled to relax and have a long bath before your day's work. Don't let anyone rush you,


    Gypsy & Tasha


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