Sunday, February 17, 2008

Maddie visits the office

One of the guys Mom works with brought his daughter's dog in to work Friday for the day. Meet Maddie. She's a YorkiePoo. She's pretty tiny and smaller that Lilly Mom thinks. We hope she stays at work and doesn't come to our house to visit as we would be very scairt.

Here's a short video of her playing her "Bang! Bang! You're dead!" game. Mom wants to train me to do that...NOT!!!


  1. Maddie is very cute! Mom takes us to work sometimes, but we don't play the Bang Bang you're dead game. At all.

  2. Maddie is a cutie! That is a funny trick she does, too.

  3. Maddie is quite cute but I think that she should stay away from your house. She would scare me too!


  4. That was funny. You can have pets in your office? I wish Mommie would take me to work with her.

  5. She is cute (for a dog). Did your human come home smelling all funny after Maddie had been at her work? FAZ


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