Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mom! What's that on my face?

Mom reassured me that it was just the sun shining on my face and furs. We haven't seen it in so long, I got scairt and thought I was gonna burn up. It's out there again today. But if Mom says it's safe to look, then I will trust her judgement.

Yesterday when Mom was leaving work and walking to her car (it was snowing...yeah, what else is new!) she slipped and fell down on her keester. She was so embarrassed and hoped no one was around to see her clutziness she got up as quickly as she could but slipped and fell down again! She was covered in snow and her knee hurted so much she was scairt she broked it. She managed to limp over to the car but still had the task of cleaning off all the snow. She was terrified she'd fall again, but didn't. Whew! We don't need our servant out of commission! When she got home she hung up all her clothes to dry, rubbed on some icey/hot and took 3 advil. Today she's fine...thank God!


  1. Come out, come out Vampire cat!
    Here comes the sun!

    Actually it's raining here. It started raining yesteday, it's still raining, quite a bit actually, today.

  2. Oh, your poor mommy! It is very messy here, it was snowing yesterday and today it is pouring rain! We love seeing the snow fall but for the last 3 years we haven't had much and when it does finally, it is gone the next day....sniffle....when your mom gets home today, give her a kiss from us...=^Y^=

  3. Wow, look at your whiskers!

    I'm glad your mom is okay. My Mommie fell on her tailbone not too long ago and it took over 2 months until it felt all better.

  4. Oh such purrty great picture!

    We are sorry about your Mommie...we hopes it is all better. WE gotta watch ofur our beans they get hurt worse than we ever could.


  5. Oh what a terrible time for your Mom! I'm glad to hear she is doing better today. It has been raining and icing here since yesterday but the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. I sure hope it does!

  6. Oh, I'm so sorry about your mom !Probably her knee is 'black and blue' by now...:( Laila, you have to be extra sweet to her now !

  7. I hope your person is alright! You know that can be bad when you fall on your tailbone.

  8. Those slip and falls are bad news. Be careful, Mom! You need some of that rock salt or even litter or something to throw on your walk so you can get a grip on the ice! Glad you didn't break anything!


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