Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby steps

Mom had the monster back in his cage last night by 9:30 and that was after an hour long phone conversation or it would have been sooner. I am still a little afraid but I am slowly being reintroduced to the living room after 4 weeks. Just like when I was a baby kitten of 10 weeks. Here Mom took a picture of me about 15 minutes ago surveying everything from where the monster use to stand. She is the bestest! Thanks Mom!


  1. Your mom is great for putting away the thing that scared you so much. Do not worry it will not come back and the living room is yours again.

  2. Laila, I am glad the tree monster went away and you feel safe again.

  3. That is quite a kitty playground that you have.
    Maybe you could decorate it, hang some lights and a star on it, and call it a tree. Just a thought.
    Is that where Santa will leave your presents?


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