Sunday, December 2, 2007

Glad yesterday is over!

WOW! What a storm we had yesterday! We'd like to thank our buddies, the corn cats in Iowa, for sending it to us too. Mom had no intentions of going out yesterday after she fed Roomba in the morning. The flurries started at 12:30 then it changed to real snow then to freezing rain. Mom did go out on an errand of mercy for our Auntie Dee who lives downstairs from us to pick up a prescription for her from Target. She said she'd only do something like that for her or her kitty, Angel, or us. When she got back in the car it was covered in ice! The roads were horrible with that bumpy ice all over. She just went real slow and finally made it there and back safe. She even stopped to check in on Roomba who was all snuggly warm and dry in his tent she puts over his bed in the evenings and on weekends. Then later it started to rain and the temperature rose and today what was all covered in ice is all wet now. Mom has to go out today to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra so I'm glad the roads will be good for her.

I'm still afraid to go into the living room with the monster. Yesterday Mom picked me up and sat down on the recliner with me and I was so scairt that I squirmed and squirmed and shredded her skins with my sharp nails to escape to the safety of the bedroom. She wasn't upset with me and promised she wouldn't do that to me again. But this morning I was a brave kitten and went into the dining room and kept Lilly company while she ate then sat on one of the dining room chairs. But that's all I could handle!


  1. I am sorry you are scared of the tree! I really like ours - it's great to nap under. Maybe the Feliway will help!

  2. We got mostly freezing rain and ice, but not much snow out here in Iowa. Our roads look OK this morning.
    The only thing scarier than an ice storm is a big Christmas tree.

  3. Oh, that sounds like very scairty storm. Thank goodness your mom got home safely!

  4. I am glad you are safe. I hope things are starting to melt off. Our snow is actually going away right now.



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