Saturday, December 29, 2007

I love a calendar girl

For those of you familiar with the website you know they come out with a calendar each year. Well to our surprise in the 2007 calendar, our Lilly is the featured cat this weekend on it! Being that I'm into scrapbooking, I did a page layout of the occasion and this is the actual calendar page. Miss Lilly is walking around like she's a star today and being very demanding. See how fame goes to your head?


  1. WHOA! Congratulations to Lilly! She is a big star now. How exciting!

  2. Lily, you're a real calendar girl! Maybe you'll let me take you out for niptinis sometime.
    Peace, love and purrs,

  3. How exciting !!! When did you notice this ???? And you didn't get an e-mail of Mario to tell you that Lilly was on the calendar ???


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