Monday, December 17, 2007

We did it!

Since this is my first Christmas and I'm still a baby, Lilly did all the work and I just watched. She really knows what she's doing! Guess it's from many years of helping Mom.

Lilly is too pooped to go on. For a 16+ year old senior, she did really well!


  1. I think she did a great job. That present looks like it needs a nibble.

  2. Getting ready for Christmas is a big job. I am glad Lilly was there to lend a paw.

  3. Lilly did a great job wrapping those presents. She is very talented!

  4. Lilly wraps better than I do. How much do you charge for your wrapping services????

  5. Great job on snoopervising the wrapping, girls.

    And Laila dear, we're so glad the monster in your house is gone and you can relax again!

    Your friend

  6. Wrapped presents a week before Christmas? I've never seen such a sight. Mom says as an official procrastinator, we can't help until Christmas Eve. Actually, she normally would have the wrapping done. She's a school teacher who's still teaching, when normally she'd have this week off. She just feels out of sorts.... Three more days Mom and you're all ours. You can wrap the presents on Friday, okay?


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