Friday, December 7, 2007

My temporary playground

After Mom makes the bed she puts some of my toys on it for me.

Playing with the turbo scratcher with Mom.

This morning I was chasing my sister then she ran into the living room and luckily I caught myself just in time before I made the mistake of following her into the room with the monster! Whew! Lilly is one smart kitty! Mom promised she would take the monster down right after Christmas so I can have my living room back. She said that's my Christmas present.


  1. Playing on the bed looks fun!

    You are still scairt of the tree? I wish you would not be so scairt, and then you would see that the tree is really nothing but a giant toy.

  2. What fun having toys on your bed! Please do not be ascared of the tree. They are fun to climb!

  3. Wow. You are still afraid of the tree. Even I do not stay afraid that long. Your Momma is nice to bring the toys to you though.



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