Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This beautiful girl needs a home

Received this email today. This is in the Chicago area if anyone is interested or knows of anyone.

HELP ME! Due to unfortunate circumstances, I need to find my cat, Abby, a new home. I want her to go to a good and loving home where she will not be alone during the day as much as she is at my house.
Since Abby is home alone at lot, she grown to be destructive with some of our belongings (esp. Nelson's stuff). She has chewed several pairs of shoe laces, many drawstrings, the phone cord twice and a couple of headphone cords. Nelson has had it!
I know she is just bored, but getting a companion cat is out of the question. She needs to be around at least one other human or another cat that may be willing to share a home.

She is playful, friendly and, of course, beautiful. She is a Maine Coon breed(10-12 lbs), medium hair brown-striped tabby color. I will include her shot records and vet visits, feeding dishes, litter box with litter, grooming supplies and toys. She also has a PetTrac microchip.

I really love her and I wish things were different which is why I am trusting you guys to help me find the perfect home for her. I refuse to send her to a shelter because you never know what will happen to animals left for several days/weeks.
Please help Abby find a new home. Pics attached.
Contact me for more info:
Nicole Williams
773-536-2550 home
708-203-2250 mobile email

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  1. Peggy, please keep us posted as to how this turns out. I'd love to take Abby, but you know I'm already well over-stocked. The count is currently 24. That she's destructive certainly wouldn't be anything unusual around here! John


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