Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet Gudrun

The friends I stayed with this past weekend in Kansas City have a cat who is almost the twin of Lilly. Her name is Gudrun and even their purrsonalities are somewhat alike. Lilly is much older and moves a little slower now, but this picture is frightening as to how much they look alike! What a sweatheart of a "little" girl! Sure do miss her!


  1. Doesn't take long to fall for a furkid. I'm sorry I couldn't get up to Kansas City last weekend. So close, and yet so far! I've been close to quite a few tornadoes here in Missouri, but never as close as I was to one in Illinois. I love storms, but not if they're violent. John

  2. First I thought it was Lilly on the picture !!! But you can see this is a younger cat when you look again...
    How was the reunion?

  3. The reunion was so much fun! It went too fast, though. Great going back "home". Gudrun has such a cute purrsonality and loves belly rubs.


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