Monday, May 7, 2007

Lilly doesn't like to share


  1. Peggy, those were terrific videos! I'm so glad Roomba is beginning to trust you. You know of course, one of these days, probably soon, you'll have to take him home. I worry about him. John

  2. I keep saying "No!" but when push comes to shove and depending on his health issues I think I would have to try him at home with the girls. He seems pretty content to live in those bushes. It's funny, but when I get there on the weekends, I start mewing as soon as I get out of the car then he starts up and his mews follow me all the way to the front door.

    Don't forget, I'll be in K.C. the 19th! Please do whatever you have to do to be sure the storms stay away until I get the heck out of town, okay? Let me know if you can stop by the high school, okay?


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