Friday, May 4, 2007

I think I'm a Cat Whisperer

I actually got little Roomba to come out of the bushes this morning and took picture as he was walking around. I'll post them later. Soon I'll be petting him...I hope! After he chowed down, momma, Eureka, came for her fill. Then he came back again and I got as far as the second door, meowing all the way, before he took off. I really think he's starting to trust me. Finally! After over 6 months!


  1. Hey Peg! Cool blog! Sorry I didn't know about it a few days ago. So, am I your third poster now? John

  2. Hi John! So glad for the visit and comment! Gosh, if you had a blog you'd have to quit your job to blog about all your furkids! Hey, in two weeks I'll be in K.C.! Maybe some of your kids will show up here in future blogs!


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