Friday, March 13, 2009

Formerly Feral Felines Feeling Friendly Friday

Well now, what have we here?

Looks like some cute little toesies to me.

Think I'll just settle down here in this spot.

Now that is one floofy plume Laila has there.

Minchie is so happy that he got the "seal of approval" from his former Dad regarding Baby Patches:

Dear Minchie: She is indeed a beautiful cat. Perhaps it is time for you to meet another Turkish Angora. I am sure she will like you very much and I can already imagine the loud conversations you will be having about fur care, whisker polish, blanket obsessions, and yoga poses during sleeping. :) former dad



  1. It looks like Laila and Angel have a very cautious acceptance of each other. Neither one of them look too comfortable!

  2. Hmmmm....looks like a truce has been struck!

    Minchie...we're glad your former dad approves of Patches!

  3. Your former dad knows what's good for you, Minchie. And Angel, we couldn't resist those toesies neither we think...

  4. it's always nice to haf approval Minchie!

    ::whispers:: purrsss to your mom

  5. Minchie, I am so glad your former dad approves of your new sweetie! Patches is beautiful.

  6. So your daddy approves, thats great. Momma is so excited about yous. She thinks yous is very handsome. I ams daddy little baby so he is still coming around but me is sure he will approve. I will be posting something just for you soon Minchie!

    *nosetaps and purrs
    Your love, Baby Patches

  7. Haha! We thought you had your eye on Laila's tail Angel.

  8. It would be hard to resist such a floofy tail!

  9. That is so cute that Angel is playing with Laila's tail.


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