Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cerise and Uncle Cyd

The little cutie is our sister-who-came-before-us, Cerise. She is about five months old here. And laying next to her is Cydney, a HUGE Himmie that was her cousin but they called Uncle Cyd. He was the kitty of Mom's sister.

See how big Uncle Cyd was? He is the reason Mom got Cerise.

Angel is still with us and we are loving every minute of it. Laila has even stopped the hissing at him. Mom also had to finally take his Harley Davidson collar off because I, Minchie, kept trying to chew it off and one day I had him pinned to the ground tying my best to get it and there was a bit of a issue so since it's off, there is peace and quiet again. I just wanted to be a Harley Davidson Mancat too!


  1. Minchie...maybe your mom should get you a H-D collar too so you won't try to chew off Angel's...

    Cyd and Cerise were beautiful kitties!!

  2. Minchie, we think you'd look great with a Harley-Davidson collar too!

    We agree, Cyd and Cerise were very purrty!

  3. They were beautiful kitties. Yup, you should get your own HD collar too.

  4. Cyd and Cerise were beautiful kitties! Are you going to get your own HD collar? You could both wear them!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. They were so pretty! You're pretty too.

  6. Cyd was one big mancat!!!

    You deserve your own super cool collar Minchie!

  7. Maybe Angel will want to move in permanently.

    Minchie, that H-D collar would look great with your furs.

  8. What beautiful kitties Cerise and Uncle Cyd were! Uncle Cyd sure was BIG!

    Minchie - I think you need a HD collar since you like it so much!

  9. It is a cool collar. You should all get one. And maybe Angel should get a replacement too. It looked a bit, erh, chewed.


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