Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally Friday

Resting up for the weekend.


  1. Wow, that cat tree is awesome! Nixon and Fatty might be a bit jealous of that one, they have a big one too, but without a tunnel.


  2. Yeah we love that cat tree too but we can't all fit on it at the same time. The most we had was 5! I was on the top and Toy and Cherokee were on the big shelf, Ty was in the tube and Tang was on top of the tube. Mom put our little couch under the tube and has the camera ready....I bet when it happens the batteries with fail! Mommy says that's the way it goes, she see's the purfect posses and no click, just the sound of a camera closing up 'cause the batteries died, then she calls for...CRAP-CRAP-CRAP-CRAP! Who is this CRAP and how can it help?=^Y^=Tinker

  3. Aww, so cute they both went on at the same time. I have a cat tree just like this for Spunky Doodle and Manny, but I have never seen both of them on it together yet.

  4. It seems like you two are having a lot of fun together! I'm really glad.

    We would like to present you with an award on our blog. You don't have to participate in all the details if you don't want to, but we just wanted to show our appreciation. :)


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