Saturday, August 23, 2008

A brick for Buddy

Mom bought a brick for the sidewalk in front of the new shelter The Buddy Foundation built. Lilly, Cerise and Binky were the sisters who came before us. But I (Laila) lived with Lilly for a year before she went to the Bridge. Our foster mom, Sue, volunteers for them.

Mom is going to be gone for a lot today. She is driving into the big city of Chicago to visit with her ex-mother-in-law to take her out to lunch for her 88th birthday. You would never believe she's that old! She has a lot more brain cells than our mom and it's very embarrassing. hahaha! Anyway, there is a white cat that hangs around her yard and it just had kittens. Mom is going to take pictures of them before the shelter comes to pick them up. They are taking the momcat too. Mom, if you dare come home with a kitten, we will make you sorry you did!!!


  1. Aw, wonder if any of the kittens are all've never had a little "MARIE" Auntie Peggy! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  2. Kitten? Your Mom is going to have to look at kittens? Is that a good idea?

  3. That brick is wonderful.
    Anyone who helps shelters is an angel.

  4. aw, that is a sweet tribute. especially in front of a shelter that helps homeless furries find love.

    we hope your mommy has a nice safe trip and brings you some good treats back with her.

    good luck with mommy and kittens. it is so hard to see that.

  5. We likes that brick! That's a cool idea!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey


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