Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toesie Tuesday

All I can muster today is two little toesies.


  1. MEOw
    Poor Laila looks all tuckered out so 2 are better than none.
    Purrs, Kiddy

  2. Hi Laila, we like your toesies even if there are only two. We know those other two are some where around there. Hope you all have a great day.

  3. Some toes is better than no toes!

  4. Laila...no matter what you do your beauty shows through.
    Mom meant to add a few hints to the Puff Muffin recipe.

    I divided them into 3 batches. 2 are in the freezer. I probably should have made them a tad smaller. The Diva has a delicate mouth lol I break them up for her. Most of her bought treats are flat. Next batch I will make smaller and I think I will flatten some w my thumb before baking.

    Hugs Madi your LLS

  5. What a funny -- but cute! -- place to sleep!

  6. We say two toesies is better than NO toesies.

  7. That's okay, Laila. Tomorrow is another day!


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