Monday, November 11, 2013

Mancat Monday

 This is how I help Mom blog in the morning.  

 Using two paws to help Mom.

Please, please, please keep our good friend Tucker in your purrs and prayers. He accidentally escaped from his house last Thursday.  Get home now, Tucker.  We are so worried about you.

We would like to thank all the brave men and women who have served in the military protecting us and our freedom over the years. And a special thank you for those currently serving in these very troubling times. Without your unselfish bravery, we would not be able to enjoy the freedom our country affords us.

Our Grampa

Our Grandma
Mom's cousin


  1. Thank you for mentioning our Tucker boy. We are out of our minds here.

  2. Minchie, that is too cute how you help the Mom with the blogging. We certainly do thank all of the veterans. Take care.

  3. You are a very big help. And we are honoring our vets today too.

  4. We see your Mom's hand would get very cold without you!

  5. I help my human like that too, Minchie!

    My human's dad is a WWII veteran... although he never left the U.S. for the months he served!

  6. Ye, you got the help well in paw! We love all of our heros too.

  7. Minchie I think you've got the blogging down pat! And that is a wonderful way to show the utmost respect for the Veterans.

  8. What a BIG help you are, Minchie.

    We are purring non-stop for Tucker to come home. We're really worried about him.

  9. You are a good helper Minchie.
    I thank the veterans of both our countries for keeping us safe.

  10. Love the pictures of your brave family….
    Your mom is very lucky to have such a great helper!

  11. We feel so thankful for our veterans too!

    the critters in the cottage xo


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