Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tummy Tuesday/World Spay Day

In honor of World Spay Day, Laila is celebrating by showing off photos of her bare/"covered" belly after she was spayed a little over four years ago.  And what a coincidence it falls on Tummy Tuesday!

After my surgery, they sent me home in this awful "bonnet" to keep me from bothering my stitches.

It felt so good sitting in front of the door airing out my tummy and getting all those nasty V-E-T smells off me.

Mom felt so sorry for me with that awful "bonnet" on my head, that she took it off and rigged up this contraption on my tummy to keep me from the stitches.  

Because my furs were so silky soft, I had trouble keeping the tube sock on so Mom reinforced it with one of her nylon knee highs.  Don't I look silly, but, hey, it worked!

Finally the knee high and sock got to come off!  Here I am showing off my shaved tummy.  You can barely see the scar.

The message of World Spay Day is that by spaying or neutering your pet, by supporting spay/neuter efforts in the United States and abroad, and by informing others of the importance of spay/neuter, you become an important part of the solution!


  1. Yeah for spaying! It really is the best way to go (unless, of course, you're a boy like me and got neutered instead). Thank you for showing the pictures of yourself and becoming sort of a spokescat for being spayed. And, even shaved, your tummy was pretty darned cute.

  2. You look funny with both. Chey never bothered her sutures after he belleh surgery. She wasn't with us when she was spayed so don't know how she handled that.

  3. You still look cute with that shaved tummy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That was so nice of you to share your tummy on this impawtant day!

  5. Great idea to show your shaved tummy on this very importend day !

  6. Your mom is pretty smart!

    Truffle's sutures were internal, so we didn't have to worry about her stitches as much.

    Truffle and Brulee

  7. That contraption your human put around your middle looked pretty wacky, Laila! But I have to say, I bet it was MUCH better than the Cone of Shame!

  8. You wore your bare belly proudly, Laila!

  9. that was a great idea to show how important spaying/neutering is by sharing your own experience Laila!

    You also showed that you recovered just fine and that this is such an important message to share!

    Great post!

  10. The best belly is a spayed naked one!

  11. Both of use were "fixed" before we came to mama, so she doesn't know how we handled our stitches. The tube sock/knee high contraption is pretty ingenious, though!

  12. Oh yes! Spay and Neuter all cats and dogs!!!! We agree!

    Luf, Us


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