Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Hunt - Point

Today's Photo Hunters theme is "point".

Our sister, Cerise (RIP), was a Seal Point  Himalayan.


  1. Angel Cerise, you sure were such a pretty cat and what a great use of the word of Point. Who is that friend that is keeping you company?? Have a great day and we hope all of you have fun with Paula.

  2. I see lots of pointed stuffies out there, so I am not surprised to see one was pestering Cerise! Since Somalis are a more rare breed, I was sure I would escape this face, but wouldn't you know it, my human has managed to locate a couple!

  3. And what a beautiful seal point she was!

  4. Not sure you love this point : )
    but it look cute on you, sweet heart !


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