Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Flashback

This Friday Flashback goes back to September 8, 2007.


WOW! A package came just for me!
Auntie Holly and the Boyz sent me a pet store!

How did they know I love pink?
Mom says she's never seen toys like this before.

So far this tunnel and chirping mouse are my favorites! 
Thank you so much for these awesome gifts!!! That was the nicest thing anyone has done for me (except for the nice lady who trapped me out in the wilds) and it makes me so very happy! You have been such a great friend to our mom and us over the years! Cat people are very special and we are so glad we found you out there in cyber space! Hugs, purrs and head butts to you and all your furries!!! Love, Laila, Lilly and our mom!


  1. That was a pawsome package you got, and so nicely arranged! Hugs to you all today!

  2. Love, love, love those pictures! Happy weekend everyone!

  3. You got a great pile of gifts there - we bet you had great fun with everything.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. You are so lucky! Have fun with that stuff!

  5. What a wonderful flashback....and pink is definitely your color, darlin'!!!!!!!!

    we received a package from y'all about half an hour ago......timed almost purrfectly cuz we only have a couple of days left of our present cat food.

    Thank you, are totally pawsome and it is greatly appreciated. We love y'all.

  6. Wow, that was quite a haul! Haf a pawsome day. xoxo

  7. Wow, that was a pawsome bunch of gifts!


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