Sunday, August 14, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Laila has decided to chillax this Easy Sunday on her cat hair magnet.  There's even a little chill in the air here this morning and we're lovin' it!


  1. Yeah, it's cooler and rainy here today. We're really gonna enjoy this! Well, maybe not the rain part.

  2. We'd never seen one of those hair catchers before - what a great idea and we think Hannah would benefit from one so it's on mum's shopping list now.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Glad you are cooler! We are just going to the low 90's today, so we are less warm ^..^

    Do you like the hair catcher? Mom wonders if it would be worth it to get us one.

    Happy Sunday!
    ~ The Bunch

  4. Do we dare say "fall is in the air"? That makes us frisky! Happy Sunday.

  5. I don't think we would go near that strange looking thing.

  6. You are a total beauty, Laila!!!!!!!!

    We love you, Minchie and your Mama very, very much.

    Happy Sunday darlins'!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Laila, that's a good spot, wo can scratch your chin anytime! Are your windows open?

  8. I want one of those hair magnet thingies - I love being brushed, and with one of those, I would not have to wait on my human!

  9. A chill in the air? Oh, how we wish it were here! Although it did actually cool down on Thursday and it only was in the upper 90s!!! So, we didn't hit the tie with 1980 with 42 consecutive 100F or over days on Saturday. A bit bummed about that since we only had 39!!!

    Well, hopefully next summer will be more of a "normal" summer here!

    We had one of those hair magnet things. The poodins didn't use it. Oh well.

    Luf, Us

  10. I bet you are after your hot hot summer! Have a good Sunday!


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