Saturday, May 21, 2011

Furry Visitor!

Last night Mom went to her church for the monthly scrapbook get together with her friends. Because it was so nice out, they had the outside side door open. All of a sudden everyone was saying "Look! There's a cat in here!" This very handsome and friendly mancat was just making himself at home visiting everyone.

Mom was upset as he had no collar on and still had his hoo-haas attached. He had to be a neighbor's kitty as he was so friendly.

He loved Mom's jacket. Probably because he could smell our smells on it.

They tried to get him back outside by tempting him with tortilla chips, which he really liked.

After Mom finally got him back outside within a minute he was back inside! Another lady came in and he ran right past her back into the room!

Again, Mom tried to get him back outside but was having nothing doing with the tortilla trick. She finally just picked him up and took him out then ran back in. He laid in front of the big glass doors meowing at us when we'd get up to see if he was still there. Eventually he went home.


  1. That sure is a handsome orange dude! Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. What a handsome sweetheart=he reminded us of a smaller Angel!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Oh I hope he has a home to go to! He is a handsome cat!

  4. Mommy says if she had a tortilla chip eating boy come visit her, we might have another brother! YIKES!

  5. The last time a kitty did that around my human and her boyfriend - it happened during a meditation group they used to attend - we wound up with a temporary roommate! Plus she got spayed. She did get a new home, but it took a month.

  6. what an adorable kitty!! Now that you fed him he will be a regular visitor! :)

  7. This visitor has good taste and he knew he could get a lot of attention from your Mom and the rest of the group. He will be coming back again.

  8. Poor baby sounds like he needs some attention!

    Mom Paula

  9. How funny!! What a cutie!

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