Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's this Wednesday

Mom was rooting around in the storage locker last week and brought in a bag with some cat beds our sisters-before-us used and this wacky looking thing was in the bag. We were curious, naturally, but even after she showed us how to play with it, we just walked away. Sprinkling it with catnip didn't even make it more desirable. Got to give The Mom credit though, for looking for toys to amuse us.


  1. It looks cute to us! :-)

    Thank you for the card, btw, it came in yesterday's mail.

    Happy Christmas to you all!

  2. Come on, give 'em a try! It looks like you really scored there.

  3. You might get bored and give it a go around 2:35 am.

  4. Some toys are like that--but you never what happens at 2 AM...

  5. That looks like a fun toy. We hope your mom does not get any funny ideas though and make you wear it!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. Ha! We haves something similar... only smaller! None of us likes it!

  7. It drives our mom crazy - the cheaper the toy, the more we love it!

  8. Well, at least she didn't try to make you wear it!

  9. *whew*
    We thought it was a christmas hat!

    You were both curious about it, but it just didn't tweak it enough for more play.


  10. It's a "boingy" thingy!! lol!!

    Now I wish I could remember which kitty in the Blog-o-sphere LOVES this toy!
    If they are reading I hope they will mention who it is.
    I read about that toy on another blog and the cat just loves it!
    They never play with them when you want them to, as soon as you forget about it they will play with it!

  11. I carried one of those back from a Hawaiian Christmas vacation a few years ago and Calle/Halle/Sukki didn't like it; I put it in the garage for Mommy Cat/Daddy Cat and they haven't played with it either!!...xoxo...J
    Hope you all are having a fun Christmas week, sweet friends=kisses to you guys and Angel too!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Well, that "thing" looks like it would be fun to whap!!

  13. That is an interesting toy, but I'd probably ignore it, too!

  14. Oh those look like fun toys, nice job Ducky and Derby!
    You two has fun with your new toys.
    Have a happy Christmas.
    Love TK and Squashies


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