Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hold on Minchie, I see a spot on the top of you head that needs cleaning.

While I'm checking your ear out for cleaning, Laila, I'll tell you a little secret. We are both very thankful to have each other to help out with the cleaning of the furs that are so hard to reach.


  1. Yes, that is a very good reason to be thankful for siblings and friends. Even if they do annoy us sometimes!

  2. That's a great reason to be thankful! Did Laila put a smackdown on him afterwards?

  3. Nothing like having a loving furbling!!! Even though they sometimes get on the nerves, they're still loved! Hope you stay nice and warm!

  4. Well, that is something to be thankful for! You don't want to have dirty furs...

  5. Awwww, now that's what I wish our house was like.
    We just whap each other...

  6. My kitties just chase each other. Rosie never did like other cats licking her. It's so nice to see your kitties sharing and caring for each other.

  7. ♫ Whoa... oh... oh... keep smilin', keep shinin'
    Knowin' you can always count on me, for sure
    That's what friends are for
    For good times and bad times
    I'll be on your side forever more
    That's what friends are for ♫

  8. Awwwwwwwww dat is so cute :)

    We's glad yoo got yore sekrit paws boks! It ok if yoo wait til Chrissymouse to open it. Dat sounds fun.

    Sanjee an tha resta tha Hotties

  9. You're guys are so lucky to have each other! You're right to be thankful.


    PS: I'm jealous

  10. The mom says that is so sweet. In our house after we clean each other we rough and tumble.

    Sachi & Miko

  11. You guys are so close to each other,
    me and Lego won't be that close.

  12. It is good to have someone to wash the places you can't reach. It usually ends in a friendly wrassle for us though.


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