Saturday, December 12, 2009

New tunnel!

Minchie here. Mom finally found a cat tunnel big enough so Angel could fit! It's our Chrissymouse present this year and she found it at my ladycat Baby Patches' store I can still smell my Turkish Princess' lovely smells on it.

Today is also Angel's mommie's birthday! Our mom is taking her out to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes. Happy Birthday Auntie Dee!


  1. What a cool tunnel! We need one. Have a great birthday, Angle's mama!

  2. Wow! Cool tunnel! And it's nice that you got your Christmas present early so you can play now!!!

    Happy Birthday to Angel's mom!! We hope she has a great day!!

  3. I wonder if my cats would like a tunnel. All they have is a tiny one that they stick out of now.

  4. WOW!!! What a PAWesome tunnel! Glad you're still able to smell yer girlfurriends smell on it too! We wanna come and play chasies wif you guys!!!

  5. She is so nice to you all. My human sold our old tunnel because we never used it. Just because we never used it doesn't mean that we didn't like it!

    Happy Birthday to your Auntie Dee! I am sending a ham.

  6. Very cool tunnel! Happy Birthday to Angel! Nanny and I are so happy to hear that you guys love your new tent. Thank you so much for your lovely note.

    Big hugs,


  7. Oh my oh my what a tunnel. I have a small one which I love but I would love that ne even more..Wow.. Happy Birthday Angel's mum.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. That is a lovely tunnel. I think even I would fit in there.
    Happy Birthday to Auntie Dee.

  9. Cool tunnel! When Angel goes home with him mom, are you going to let him take it with him?

    Happy Birthday to Angel's mom!

  10. The is one big tunnel! Looks like Angel likes it. I love the picture of Angel and his mom from last week. And such a nice quilt you won, lucky you.

  11. Yay! Its da cat tunnel! I luvs our cat tunnel, I lays in it every evening and likes to chases momma through it too or LociLu MOL hehehe

    We so happy dat you guys are enjoyings it! Where is a picture wif my handsome mancat in it?



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