Monday, August 24, 2009

Mancat Monday

Like I said before, Mom is obsessed with the top of my head.

Yesterday Laila was going to take Angel out for a ride on her magic carpet but they had to come back after only a few minutes as Angel got air sick and puked up his breakfast. The magic carpet was in the shop for most of the day drying out.


  1. Don't you just hate it when someone gets sick on your toy? At least most things wash pretty easily!

  2. Geez, we didn't know Angel gets air need to equip your boogie mat with some barf bags....

  3. Minchie, you look like a little kittne from that angle. Laila, I think the Island Cats are right - you need some barf bags. Yech!

  4. Oh I am sorry. You tried to be so nice and he got sick. I hope he's better.

  5. Hmmm.... maybe Angel should try taking some dramamine next time.

  6. Maybe you should have taken No Jet Lag pills! Too bad the boogie mat got all yucked up. that happens at our house too sometims, but since we don't have a boogie mat (yet, right mom???) it's happens on other toys.

  7. Maybe you need to stock some airsickness bags aboard your boogie mat. Just to be safe.

  8. Ut-oh. It's such a cute boogie mat too.

  9. hey, that looks just like our flying carpet!! puke and all! hee hee

  10. Airsick? Oh no! We hope after clean up they made some repairs to it for easier travel.

  11. Do you think that you's momma is looking fur signs of male-patterned-baldness☺

  12. In the shop? bwahahaha! That wuz a good one! Ooops. We meant poor Angel.

  13. Poor Angel, we hope he gets over his air sickness. Maybe he should wear the little plasters behind his ears next time.

  14. Uh oh...maybe he should take some puke bags for the next ride?

  15. Poor Angel. My momma still gets air sick sometimes, too.

  16. don't worry buddy, i get air sick too. next time, take a little catnip before you fly Angel, it will settle your tummy.

    You've got a great top of the head Minchie! i can see why your mommy is obsessed with it.

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