Monday, August 3, 2009

Mancat Monday

Are you calling me a clown?

Yesterday Mom was cleaning out the computer desk and way back on the bottom shelf she found very old back issues of Cat Fancy. She was very happy to have found this one dating back to December of 2003 because the feature breed of the month was the Turkish Angora. My ladycat, Baby Patches, and I are this breed.

Some quotes from the article:
  • "They are very athletic. They do things that other cats wouldn't think of doing. They're almost like clowns."
  • "To me, they're almost the border collie of the cat world. They need to be challenged."
  • "Turkish Angoras love to be on shoulders and doors and they can do it in one jump. And they rarely miss."
  • Friendly busybodies.

    One thing the article didn't talk about was how vocal we are. Mom says I have a meow vocabulary that is unending. She can also imitate all of mine so well that people walking down the hallway must think we have two of me! And when you walk into our house, I will sing at the top of my lungs how happy I am that you came to visit me.


  1. They also forgot to mention that you can touch your nose with your tongue! Very good, Minchie!

  2. I like everything they said ...

    Sounds Purrfect to me ...

  3. Mum says it would be bedlam if I visited you because she tells me I am always yelling my lungs out.

  4. The Woman says I do things she'd never expect to. Maybe I have learned a few things from you?

  5. We think Turkish Angoras are very purrty!

  6. Mom thinks maybe Grayson has some Turkish Angora in him, too, because the descriptions fit him to a Tee!

  7. I say, the more clownlike, the better! Be proud!

  8. I think being called a clown is a compliment.

  9. Friendly busybodies??? Nah....excellent snoopervisors is more like it!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. A clown? Maybe a class clown!! You da mancat Minchie!

  11. OMC! Dat is pawsome dat your momma founds dat issue! We sure are athletic! I is surprised dey didn't mentions our vocal mewing. I scared da momma today wif my I has a mouse in my mouth mewing MOL hehe

    You is handsome as ever my loving mancat turkish prince!


    your ladycat Baby Patches

  12. My mum can imitate my little noises too. Now if only I could learn to speak!!


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