Sunday, July 5, 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

When our sister, Lilly, was so sick last year, Mom went out and bought this special bed for her. Lilly loved it and spent many hours snoozing away on it.

Just recently Mom found it in a bag in our storage locker and let us have a go at it. Here I am checking out the Lilly smells still on it.

Just as I laid down and started getting comfy, Laila came over for a major sniffing confirming it was indeed Lilly's bed.

I sure can understand why Lilly loved this little bed so much!

Front view.

Top view. For some reason Mom is obsessed with the top of my head and loves taking pictures of it. I must admit it is indeed a beautiful piece of art!

The little pillow is just right for laying your head on.


  1. What a great bed! Love all the pictures!!!

  2. That bed looks comfy and you are a beautiful cat. No wonder your mommie likes taking your picture from over you.

  3. That's a great bed! And you look good on it!

    Are you celebrating Christmas in July (candy cane!)??

  4. That looks like a very comfty bed and you look quite handsome on it!

  5. That looks like a great little place to nap. And I'm sure that Lilly is looking down from the Bridge and is happy that someone is using it.

  6. I'm glad your mom found the bed again. It sure looks comfy. I hope you have many pleasant dreams on it.

  7. Awwwwwwww! Dat is from da momma, she luvs seeings you in da pictures! As do I! Luvs da many views too!! Meeeooooow!

    Dat is a very neat bed but der doesn't seems to be enough rooms for me to joins you.

    So you gots to sees da boomers? Momma & daddy left to sees family and its hard to sees da boomers from our house. Dey is very close to da house and I is sures I would not be scared if I could sees em!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrs to you my loving mancat

    your sweet Baby Patches

  8. When I read about Lilly, I went back in your history to read about what happened. It seemed very similar to what happened to my Auntie Scampie, and it made my daddy's eyes leak...

    Maybe I'll give him a cuddle today sometime...


  9. I am glad that your Mom found Lilly's bed and got it out again for the two of you. You look very comfy on it. I hope that both of you enjoy it a lot.

  10. Those are all such sweet pictures. It's great that your Mom brought Lily's bed for you to cuddle up on. We like the top of your head too Minchie.haha

  11. That looks soooooooooooo comfy for a floofy mancat, Minchie!

    I am sure Lilly would be happy that you are enjoying her bed so much.

  12. Loki doesn't have a bed. Just a chair. Your bed looks so comfortable.
    Stopping by to say hello.



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