Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christmas in July!

Yes, Christmas in July! We were partnered with Winston and Clementine two of the cutest little pugs you'll ever meet. They sent the coolest kitty presents and Mom even got a present. A cute cat bookmark which she started using right away.

Here the three of us are sniffing the strange smells that came with the box that the man in the blue shorts delivered. Very interesting smells on this one!

Each present was inside a beautiful and Christmassy gift bag and a tin. We even got a cute card from Winston and Clementine with two cats and a doggie on the front!

Mom tied the ribbon around Minchie's neck to help get in the Christmas spirit. Lots of our favorite treats, catnip, tiny mousies (Minchie's favorite), balls and a cute whopping toy with a bee on top of flower.

Here's Minchie giving the bee a whop to set off it's buzzing sound.

Thank you, Winston and Clementine, for all the purrfect presents! We feel the best present of all was meeting two new blogging friends of the doggie kind. We had so much fun participating in this!


  1. OMC! Minchie you looks so cute givings dat toy a whop! I knows I would too, can I comes overs to plays wif you and your new toys?! Christmas is always funs and happy dat it cames for all of you and you mets some wonderfur new woofie furriends dat is pawsome.


    your loving ladycat, Baby Patches

  2. Look at all that loot! It's awesome to have Christmas in July.

  3. What a good idea to have Christmas in July! Does Santa Claws also visit??

  4. Those are great presents. The whapping bee looks like big fun.

  5. What fun and what pawsome doggie friends you have!

  6. What great treats you all got.


    How totally pawsome!!!!

    Those are all great gifts. . . and mommy wanted me to mention that Minchie was very handsome in his Christmas ribbon.

  8. Oh wow! That's some cool loot you got there!! You'r gonna have lots of fun!!

    We're doing Christmas in July too...we're paired up with the Ozark kitties and after their post yesterday, we're a little nervous about what's in store for us!

    (pee ess. would you mind if we use your "Christmas in July" picture when we do our post??)

  9. Pawsome presents!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. This is Awesome to have Christmas in July! You guys are so lucky!!!

    Big hugs and purrrrrrs,


  11. Chrsitmas in July must be such fun! And Hallmark Movie Channel must have gotten wind of it because they've been running all Christmas shows this month!

  12. Wow, you guys really got hooked up with the Christmas gifts! We were new to Christmas in July this year and our mom didn't wrap the presents we sent to our Pug furiend and her kitty siblings. She will know better next year!

  13. Wow! You guys got some great stuff. It's fun to get presents.

  14. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this Morn Creations bag

  15. Those look so fun! Christmas in July is the best!

  16. Wow!! That's quite a haul you got there. I didn't know Santa comes in the summer.


  17. yay - we're so glad you liked the gifties!!! We got ours today and we'll post about it on Monday - the pugs loved EVERYthing - I got some great pictures, so heads up!

    And can we steal your Christmas in July graphic when we do our post? It's perfect.

    Thanks again for playing with us - we're so glad to have met you guys as well.


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