Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thirteen pounds + four

Mom has had to stop feeding us our stinky goodness on the tray and has moved it up to the counter. Angel came barreling through and gobbled up all of Laila's and we were sure mine was next. Mom says he weighs something like 17 pounds but does eat a diet food but while he is up here with us on vacation, he's eating our foods too.

Someone asked how long Angel will be staying with us. At least a week more, maybe more. The longer he stays, he more Mom says she's not giving him back. If anything happens to his Mommie, he gets to live with us. We thinks it even written down on papers somewhere to make sure.

Oh, yeah, Angel's Mommie is spending the night with us tonight because she's having a procedure done today and will be knocked out and can't stay alone. Slumber party!


  1. Angel sure is a hungry mancat! It is very nice of your Mom to take care of him and he has a back-up forever home too!

  2. My brother Eric is 'Thirteen pounds + ten' but he doesn't eat nearly as much as me. Mum says it's because he doesn't hurry anywhere but I have to do everything at top speed.

  3. Angel is a handsome kitty. Perhaps he is not used to being able to eat with other cats and worries he will not get his share of food?

  4. We think it's 13 pounds + fur. He look in perfect shape - and of course he needs all the food he can get at. Must be exciting to have such an interesting house guest.

  5. Maybe it's all muscles? Surely he'll get more action with you guys, 'cos it seems that maybe, just maybe, he could do with less weight. Angel can be very happy that his mom and yours cared so well for every eventuality... Now mom is thinking of arranging that too.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  6. My orange baby weighs 22 pounds! I have to keep my other cats' food covered because if the is food HE EATS and EATS and EATS! Sounds like he and Angel might be cousins.

  7. Angel, you is one big mancat! More to love!

  8. ohh, diet is no funz...but your mom really want you guys well!!!

  9. Sounds like Angel is enjoying the vacation food! We all like to splurge.

  10. We don't like rationing but we got used to it. Your mom is a sweetheart to help out her friend like that!

    Abby & Stygia

  11. Awww your mom is sweet, helping out Angel and his mom. We hope his mom gets better real soon.

    It is always good to have a plan for somebuddy to take care of us, if something happened to our beans.


  12. Oh...Seaborne doesn't even want to discuss weight!!!! :)

    He is about 22 pounds....pure muscle of course!!!

    Your Mommy is such a good person to help out her friend!!!

    We all need help sometimes!!


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