Sunday, February 8, 2009

Laila's vet visit

Here I am up in the front seat with Mom. Note that I am buckled in with the seatbelt too.

Here I am all scairt and trying to hide underneath the cabinet so they don't see me.

Dr. Jen is getting a little too personal with my belleh. Me and all my furs weighed in at 12 pounds 13 ounces.

Here she's checking out my heart. Yep, she said it was beating.

This is Dr. Jen and I back in July of 2007 when I was a 10 week old baby kitten. Here you can see how little I was back then and how much I have growed.

Boy, am I glad that is all over. I got an A+.


  1. Yippee Laila, you got a good grade from your vet. You sure has growed up real beaoootiful.

  2. Vet trips are always scary but at least you got an A+ which is great news! You and your furs are very pretty and it's always good to know you're healthy too!

  3. Congratulations Laila on getting your A+ !!!
    You sure have grown a lot since then !!!
    Make sure you don't grow as much in the next two years ;-)

  4. Hey, Laila! We're glad you got a purrfect grade there! That was cute seeing your "before" and "after" pictures too!

    We're going to the dreaded v-e-t tomorrow...

  5. Yay! We're glad you got an A+. It is fun to see the picture of you at your v-e-t visit at 10 weeks old. You have grown so much.

  6. Your baby picture made Momma smile. So cute!! We are glad you got an A+ that is always good news!
    ~ Napoleon

  7. You did very well. Congrats!

  8. Laila, I am glad you got a very good report! That's wonderful news.

  9. We are glad the V E T gave you a good report. You have certainly grown a lot.

  10. Yay, Laila! I'm so glad you got a good grade! Boy, I could tell you were tryin' real hard to ooze into that cabinet. Too bad we can change our colors to camouflage ourselves.

  11. Glad you had a good vet visit. It was nice to see the photos of you when you were just a kitten!

  12. Yay Laila, you got an A+! That means you're very healthy, eh? Great. Hihi, you tried to hide under the cabinet!!!
    It looks like you behaved very well in the PTU. Chilli screams the whole time when she is put in the carrier. Mom thinks that's because the organisation she got her from brought her from Italy. It's a long way from Italy to Germany.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  13. That's wonderful news! Mom says I need to go for my yearly trip in a month. I am dreading it because the vet takes some of my blood for testing. Mom always gets nervous when she does that.

  14. I am also like your report~!
    I dislike vet, too!
    But I have to say,
    you are doing wonderful job!


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