Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New furrends

Yesterday Mom went to her friend's house to help her get set up with that evil Facebook all us cats complain about. Her friend has two kitties and a doggie.

Here is Colby helping and putting his two cents in.

Maguire preferred to stay in the bedroom napping and letting Colby snoopervise.

Niki was a great distraction help. She looked very fashionable in her Harley Davidson hat.

Mom!!! What's going on here? Mom said they were doing everything they could to distract her and get her to pay attention to them.

Mom had a lot of fun and wanted to bring all of them home with her but her friend wouldn't agree.


  1. Your friends seem sweet, but we are kinda worried about that last photo.

  2. We really like your new friends. It was nice of your Mom to help her friend too!

  3. We're not happy with that evil Facebook thingy either. Mom spends too much time there and not enough time blogging!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  4. It's nice to make new furiends! They look like nice ones too! We 'specially like the woofie's hat!!

    We have so far successfully kept our mom from the evil facebook...

  5. Thanks for introducing your friends. I'm sorry that their lady got sucked into Facebook, too. :(


  6. Your friends look like fun. And Colby is a good snooperviser.

  7. Hi Laila and Minchie! You are so nice to visit my blog. I think you are both so cute! I like seeing pictures of your new friends.

  8. Eric: Your furrends are sweet but I want to know what Flynn is doing there!


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