Friday, January 16, 2009

Frigid Friday

To help me stay warm in these arctic temps, I am laying on my mink blankie.

I don't know what is more silky soft, this blankie or my furs.

I think it's a tie.

This mink coat has been hanging in Mom's closet for four years now. It was her favorite Aunt's and she got it when she died. She has never worn it and just wanted to see what I would do. Well, of course I wanted to lay on it and keep my furs nice and toasty. Mom really doesn't know what to do with it so it just hangs in the closet. Maybe it can be brought out for me on these kind of days. Please Mom?

When we gotted up this morning the actual temp was -18F/-28C! But it's gonna get up to +5! A heat wave!


  1. Wow MInk. You enjoy yourself and keep warm, I here it is a bit chilly where you guys live.

    Keep warm and toasty.

  2. Oh Minchie, mink is da warmest thing and now humans don't want to wear it so much we think it should stay as a blankie, just for you and Laila!

    Whicky Wuudler

  3. That's a perfect use for your mom's mink. My mom has a "fake" mink coat that she is pulling out today. She says she wants to put a sign on it that says, "it's not real".

    All of forgiven for sending the cold weather down my way.

  4. Whats a luverlee blankie!

    We gotsted furry cold TOO!yestursday... n todays and snow n stuffoms!!

    Where iz you????

  5. That looks so warm - I'd just burrow down inside there and sleep!

  6. Oh stay warm! That sounds very cold were you are.

  7. Maybe your mom could make a mink blanket out of that coat for you! We'd like one of those to keep us warm on days like today. When mom went to work this morning, it was -13F with a windchill around -30F!!!

  8. Wowie. Dat's a special blankie for sure! I'd prolly put the bitey on it thinkin' that it was another kitty to play wif.


  9. I'm glad you have such a nice blankie. It looks very warm.

  10. That mink looks very warm and toasty! It was really nice of your Mom to let you use it to keep warm. It is very cold here too!

  11. Why settle for less? We have to do with a sheep skin.

    Cliff & Olivia

  12. Blankie Minkie Minchie.
    Purrfect for the windy city.
    We're sending sunshine from

  13. I am glad that your momma is sharing her nice mink coat with you. It will keep you warm and your furs shiny. Our daddy gave us one of his cashmere sweaters to sleep on. When we are not in our heated cat cup!

    Hi to your mommy,

    Moe and Carmela

  14. That mink coat sure does look toasty and warm! Sorry it is so cold where you guys are. This week at night it has dipped down to 18, that is cold for NC. But nowhere near as cold as where you are!
    Stay toasty!

  15. you just looks soh comfurtabul dat I thots I wouds rites again...

    Da silly votin contest we iz havin iz openz to evfurry buddiez.

    Which ones uv us duze u finks lookdid da funniest?? Duz u gotz a funnier line fur us ta use??

    Weze purr fur You about ur jobbie! and You kins purr fur our Mawmee!
    dats da bestest gift rites dehr doin dat!

    Luv n Purrs n Stuffoms
    Katie Too

  16. You do look cosy on that mink coat, Minchie. I think it is yours now.

  17. Dennis says snuggles in that warm looking thing.

    its cold , maybe zero tonight here.

  18. Great blankie Minchie - enjoy snuggling on it while there's such low temperatures outside.


    Gypsy & Tasha


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