Friday, February 9, 2018

Flashback Friday

Today's flashback from January 2009


To help me stay warm in these arctic temps, I am laying on my mink blankie.

I don't know what is more silky soft, this blankie or my furs.
I think it's a tie.

This mink coat has been hanging in Mom's closet for four years now. It was her favorite Aunt's and she got it when she died. She has never worn it and just wanted to see what I would do. Well, of course I wanted to lay on it and keep my furs nice and toasty. Mom really doesn't know what to do with it so it just hangs in the closet. Maybe it can be brought out for me on these kind of days. Please Mom?

When we gotted up this morning the actual temp was -18F/-28C! But it's gonna get up to +5! A heat wave!


  1. Not a fan of fur coats, but if it's a comfy place for a kitty, well then!

  2. That is a very appropriate photo for a cold day!

  3. Oh yeah, I think that coat belongs to you now, Minchie!

  4. I sure hope it's not that cold today, Minchie! Brrr! Mom needs to take out that coat again for you. It sounds heavenly for kitties!

  5. That looks like a very good place to snuggle up warm, Minchie.

  6. Mink? Wow, I think that would be a lovely kitty blankie. I need to ask mum to get me one!

  7. Michie we hope you stay good and warm with that mink to help you!

  8. Minchie...whoa nellie! That's some kinda blankie! You and it go VERY well together.


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