Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Mom finally let us open our presents from our Secret Paw, Critters in the Cottage,who live in British Columbia, Canada.

It's a good thing these three mice are blind because they will not be able to see us ready to pounce on them.

These birdies are stuffed with 100% Canadian grown catnip.

These little dudes are very powerful!

Mom's hand got all scratched up from me grabbing them out of her hand.

I think this is Laila's favorite.  The kitty on the card looks like her!

These little plaid mousies with bells on their tails are so cute.  Very whappable!

Then we got these very cool mats that can be filled with catnip.

I'm gonna let Laila have the blue one.

Keeping an eye on that little plaid mousie.

Then we got a huge bag of 100% organic catnip to put in our mats.  It's so powerful even Mom was starting to get a little high from it.  MOL!

Checking through all the wrapping to make sure we opened everything up.

And for Mom, the cutest lunch bag with kitties all over it.
To all the Critters in the Cottage, we just can't begin to thank you for all the wonderful presents.  It will keep us very busy this winter playing with everything.  And the best part is that we have now made new friends.   


    Lots of presents !!!!
    Eyes of envy are shining like stars !!!!

    Ps : my mom wanna move to yr place too ; )

  2. I love all those presents! These kitties knew how to put together a great Secret Paws package!

  3. How neat is that! WONDERFUL stuff! Those birdies are so cute. Just adorable. Bet they smell great! And the mice? Never seen mice with tails like that but I sure do like the look. BEAUTIFUL! Obviously you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I sure do hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, too. purrs

  4. WOW! Look at that jackpot you hit! Such fantastic gifts!

  5. Those are some great pressies. That is neat that you can put the nip into the little blankie. Those mice look good too. What a good time you two are going to have this week.

  6. Wow, those are great gifts!! Have fun!!

  7. theeze R sum way awesum soooper kewl gifts laila N minchie...have fun and enjoy de nip fest :) !!

  8. You got lots of lovely gifts in your Secret Paw package.

  9. Bonjour Laila and Minchie and your Mama too :)

    We are glad you liked the presents! And we now have you on our sidebar so we can come over and visit you. Are you prepared for all us hooligans?!! We hope so :)


    the critters in the cottage xo


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