Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's Caturday!

We are so excited the sun is out today!  It's been a long time, but with it, are frigid temps.  BRRRR!  Laila is thinking of what kind of mischief she can get into with me.


  1. Uh oh, wonder what kind of trouble she wants to get into. Mahoney wants to do the same.
    So what are you all doing for Christmas?? Is all the family coming??
    Have a great day.

  2. She does look a "tad" mischievous! HaHaMeow!

  3. MEOW
    Yes, it is a beautiful sunny day so why don't u just give Minchie a big wet kiss?
    Purrs, Kiddy

  4. Laila, whatcha got cookin'? I bet it's something fun. Keep warm, you two. Mischief is a good way of doing that.

  5. Cold days are good days for mischief!

    Well, ANY day is a good one for that, really.

  6. Sounds great with a little sunshine !
    Here we have had another grey and cold day.

  7. We have had more torrential rain all day and no change forecast before Christmas Day.
    Laila you do have a mischievous look on your face.

  8. We had some sun today too! It made up for those cold temps!


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