Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TTT Tote on Tuesday

We were so excited when we won the Tiniest Tiger Tote bag contest over at Goma's blog!

Laila checking out how well made the tote is.

Hey, Minchie, come over and see this beautiful tote we won for Mom!

OMC!  It is gorgeous!

Mom has already used it and just loves it!  Thank you Goma and Triple T Studios!


Jeanne from Random Felines blog fosters many cats and recently took in the Gemstone family from Chrystal of Daily Dose of Dogs. They are having some unexpected vet bills and Jeanne needs some help with finances.  We have donated a few items for the auction (new items being added daily) so be sure to go over and do some Christmas shopping. 

The beautiful Gemstone family.


  1. That tote is awesome, congrats on winning it!

    And we'll wish you happy Thanksgiving now, in case we can't get around to visit later! :-)

  2. We bet your Mum must be delighted with the tote.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Wow, that's so cool that you won! Enjoy it.

  4. We got one from the Food Lady, just cause she has a hipster bag (and so do we). We really like it. Ichiro almost fits inside!

  5. Its a brilliant bag. Congratulations on the win.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Concatulations! That is an awesome tote!

  7. Our mom won the tote from Glogirly. And she absolutely LOVES it! We love all the cool stuff that was inside!!

  8. Hi Laila and Minchie! Ohhh I'm so glad you and your mom love the bag! Isn't this just the best bag?? yeah! I hope you like the goddies inside of it too!! Con-cat-ulation for the win!!

  9. Oh Cat! We are so jealous. Mommie has entered every contest there was for that bag - but no luck!

  10. I'm with Callie.. *sigh* I'm still hopeful :)

    Congrats that YOU won though, I bet you are absolutely delighted :)

  11. FURRY cool bag! Concats on winning!! We love that the CB is doing an auction! We donated stuff too and made mommy bid green papers on other stuff.


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