Saturday, September 22, 2012

Photo Hunt - Escape

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "escape".

This is a post Mom did back in April 2008 when Lilly(RIP) was still with her and Laila.

Lilly:  I am very thankful I found my way back home after I  "escaped" out our door into the hallway.  So, this is what the outside world looks like from the back of our building.

Mom: Here Lilly, see, this is the view from the back of the building that you never get to see.
Lilly: WOW! It looks like we live in a big city and not the suburbs

    Mom: Okay, Lilly, time to go back inside our house.
    Lilly: MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!
    Mom: No, Lilly, honey, that's not our door. That's Carey's door and he's not home.
    Lilly: MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!
    Mom: Silly girl! No, this way sweetie. This is where we live
    Lilly: MEOW! MEOW!! MEOW!

    Mom finally had to pick me up and carry me to our door. Home sweet home!

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    1. Gosh we are glad Lilly only got into the hallway. It is so scary when they get out. Great use of the word escape. Have a great week end.

    2. Yes, we think it was lucky Lilly didn't get out of the building! (Mind you, Nicki would have loved that. LOL.)

    3. I am glad that your great escape ended with you back home Lilly!

    4. Poor Lilly - I can see why she got confused - all those doors looked alike!

    5. Good think your mom was there to bring Lilly home!

    6. What a pretty girl! I can't see her tail, is she a manx?

    7. Thank goodness Lily was still inside.
      Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


    Meow at us!