Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Flashback

Today's flashback is from August 2008 and was titled Tuesday Twosome

No place in our house is sacred from that flashy box!!!

For those of you wondering why they say you need one litter box per cat, see above. Mom is so proud of us for keeping our boxes nicely covered up of the stinkies.


  1. That is pawesome! You two are good examples. Mommy just took my hooded box out and cleaned it and installed frsh litter. Ahe hates the job but I am glad she does it. LOL xxoo

  2. Jus wanted to stop by and say GOOD JOB on the littery boxies and Happy FURiday!!!! ~Your FURiend, Phoenix

  3. No litter box line up at your house!

  4. Mommy LOVES this post!!

    What a weirdo...

  5. OMC !
    Your mommy doesn´t even leave you alone in the litter box ??!!

  6. Synchronized! How long did it take you kittehz to get it right?

  7. Mama says she's jealous. I've stopped covering my stinkies.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!


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