Saturday, March 3, 2012

Photo Hunt - Drop

Today's Photo Hunters theme is "drop".

Laila wishes Mom would drop those fishy flakes so she can nom on them!

Such heartbreaking news to hear our friend, Whitey, ran off to the Bridge yesterday.  We know a huge crowd gathered to welcome him.  RIP dear, sweet mancat.  Always loved.  Never forgotten.


  1. Ohhh I do wish we had those fishyflakes in Sweden !
    They look sooo jummy !
    Me and mom is sorry to hear about Whitey even if we never knew him.
    It´s alway´s sad when someone go over the bridge.
    Sending purrs to his mom

  2. MOm and I didn't know Whitey but we go see his family now. xox

  3. We were very sad about Whitey too. He fought a good fight, that is for sure. Mom, do drop those fishy flakes. Have a great Sat.

  4. Those fishy flakes look very interesting.
    We were sorry to hear about Whitey too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. We were very sorry to hear about Whitey. We know our sister-before-us, Sweet Praline was there to greet him.

    Truffle and Brulee

  6. Those flakes had our moufs waterin! So saddened to hear bout Whitey.

  7. I hope you got lots of those lovely fishyflakes, they look yummy. So sad to hear about Whitey, our thoughts are with his family xxxx

  8. FISHY FLAKES?! I'm sorry I grabbed them before she dropped them.

    And we are so very sad about Whitey. He was a very loved cat.

  9. Allie: *giggle!* Did she???

    FaRAdaY: Thos eare my FAVE treats!!!

    Maxwell: Thank you for stopping by our bloggie after the fire and saying such kind words *pawhugs*

  10. Isn't it annoying when humans take too long to dish out the treats?

  11. Mums take too long with the good things sometimes.
    We were very sad to hear the news about Whitey and we will miss him.

  12. Poor kitty.So sad when a pet dies.

  13. We hope you got some fishy flakes, Laila!

    And we are so sad about Whitey. We will miss him very much.


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