Friday, January 6, 2012

Friends Friday

Mom has been cat sitting for our neighbor kitties, JoJo and Sammy this week.

Beautiful Sammy is posing for the camera.  She has been letting Mom pet her a lot.
And then there is JoJo.  She is very vocal, active and a real love bug and loves to play!

Mom took down one of our tunnels for JoJo to play in.  The crinkly noise it makes scares Sammy, so she stays clear of it.


  1. We love your tunnel - it is so colourful. Sammy and JoJo look very friendly and we bet they are delighted your Mom is taking care of them.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. The tunnel looks like good fun. Sammy and JoJo are sweet kitties. We are glad to hear that Sammy is letting your mum pet her now.

  3. Your mommie made you share your, no, just no.

  4. oh you two are just adorable. So nice of your mom to help out.

  5. Sammy is beautiful! And JoJo looks so silly!

  6. I am amazed that Sammy is scared of the tunnel's crinkly noise - "crinkly" is one of my very favorite sounds!

  7. Ahhh Jo Jo and Sammy are so cute. We are so glad you introduced us.

  8. Well, those two are being well taken care of while their human is away!!

  9. Sounds like your Mom is an excellent cat sitter! Obviously you two come first, though. The way that it should be. MOL!


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