Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday


Yesterday it got up to 99F (37 Celsius) with heat index of 110F (43 Celsius)!

Laila keeps cool in her litter box sitting on the cool and freshly scooped litter.
Minchie keep his private parts cool laying on his back in Mom's lap.
Last night Mom was out on the balcony and saw this evil squirrel laying on the brick flat as a pancake.  She has never seen one lay this way.  She felt so sorry for it and wanted to bring it inside to cool off.  The little bugger kept looking up at her and she swears he was trying to convince her to let him come up.


  1. Laila that is so funny to sit in your litter box! And we haven't seen a squirrel sit like that either. Maybe you can put out a tray of water for him (her?) to drink?

  2. Some of us like to sit in the litter box too. You are so right, thank Cod for the AC. It is going to be just that hot here too today. Hope all of you can stay cool today .

  3. Can you parcel up some warm air and mail it over please - this is our summer too but we haven't got to 60F yet today!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Om miaow so hot you having it !!!
    The highest temperature in Sweden so far this summer is about +29 celsius.
    Understand that you thank cod for the AC :)
    That little Squirrel lookes really funny laying there all flat as a pancake :)

  5. Yep, yep, yep, it's stoopid hot!

  6. MEOW!
    Mom feels sorry for the squirrel as it is hot, hot, hot.
    I lay in her bedroom or bathroom
    as it is cooler there. Sometimes I sit in front of the basement door so she lets me down there. Don't play mousie as often as usual.
    Purrs, Kiddy

  7. We are SICK OF THIS HEAT! Even with air conditioning, we're just flat out cranky! And it doesn't look like it's going to be below 100 for a very long time. Phooey on summer! And that poor little squirrel - we've never seen one lay like that before either!

  8. We are glad you all can stay cool. Who knows--maybe that is what the squirrel was thinking or may he was thinking I am so hot, just swoop down and kill me now...

  9. lol@ the second pic.His private parts.its extremly hot here as well.Im enjoying these furry blogs come join mine when you can.~~Becky

  10. Im new here and the little video is so cute.

  11. Thank goodness for the AC!
    We are glad you are all keeping cool

  12. Believe it or not that is normal behavior for squirrels!

    The first time I saw a squirrel do that I thought it was so strange but I see them do it all the time now!

    We are having the same crazy hot weather. It reached 100F in Detroit today.

    I'm ready for Fall!

  13. Yeah, any cool spots for us too, but it is less humid now.

    Funny squirrel trying to cool off too.

  14. Man, it is hot here too! We never thought about sitting in the litter box...we think we'll give it a try!!

    That squirrel is funny!!

  15. Oh my sweet Laila, next time if it gets that hot come over here. I will keep you cool or warm! It's really hot over here but not as hot like your area. Your mommy has such a big heart, she felt sorry for the little guy!

    Big hugs to you my sweetie,


  16. I've occasionally seen squirrels lay something like that here in hot weather. I can't say I blame them!


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