Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Flashback

Today's Friday Flashback goes back to Sept. 1, 2007


Why did mom bring me here today?

I smell all kinds of strange smells on this table!

EEK! Someone just came into the room! I'll run and hide in my PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) and maybe they'll go away.

Dr. Mindy is a very nice lady! She held me for a while and just gushed on and on about how cute and pretty I was. She's also the second V-E-T to comment on how long I am. I wonder what that means? Maybe I'm going to be a big girl and boxer like my namesake, Laila Ali? I hope so! Right now I'm doing a purrty good job training on Lilly!

I can hear my heart beats and my purrs with this cool vetty toy. I must admit I was also vibrating a lot because I was so scareded!
The appointment went well. Laila weighed in at 5.06 pounds. Dr. M said she appears to be about 4 months old according to her teeth. That's what I figured. Dropped off a stool sample of Lilly's to see if the coccidia was in her poops since Laila had been treated and low and behold she has them too! Boohoohoo! Dr. M said it's very common lately and now that they have a better way of testing the samples, they're seeing it more and more. I have to go back today to get the meds for both of them and will be scooping hourly to keep the boxes fresh. Laila got her rabies shot so today she's not her usual "Energizer Bunny" self!


  1. You are so good sitting there on the torture table with no one holding you down. We're glad to say mum has a rough time with both of us - ha ha - we like to make her regret putting us in the car and taking us to the torturers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. What a grand flashback....almost 4 years ago!!!!!!!!


  3. Very nice flashback, and you're still very cute and gorgeous! I love to see you when you were little. Sadly, we don't have pictures of me when I was little!

    Have a lovely weekend sweet Laila!

    Stay cool!


  4. You certainly were very good at the v-e-t! We can't say quite say the same, though neither of us is the problem beloved Annie was. LOL.

    Happy weekend to all!

  5. OH you were such a tiny girl and looking so lonely there all alone!

  6. Laila, you sure were cute as a youngster but then you still are very cute. Glad the Vet report was good. We like the flashbacks. Take care and have a good week end.

  7. I had no idea you were named after Laila Ali! That is very cool! The vets always tell me how pretty I am too, but I still hate going there.

  8. I went to the vet yesterday and have to take medication goop in my right ear for a slight ear infection. I think it will make me feel better. The really bad news is I have to go back again in 21 days to get my teeth cleaned and stay there half a day!

    Hope your poops clear up. Mine was fine.

  9. Not to say we likes torture! But we enjoyed that! Flashbacks are always interesting in retrospect!

  10. Laila, you DID turn out long! And ever so pretty, too.


    (Rumblemum may never stop. I'm being very dignified and drooling a little)

  12. Aw, you were so cute, Laila! Aren't you glad that was a flashback instead of really being at the v-e-t??

  13. That was a good flashback. You sure are a brave and good girl at the v-e-t. :)

  14. That is a great flashback. We so enjoy them. We wish our Mumsy was better about doing some for us! Its not like she doesn't have the pictures...she's only got a few thousand-jillion-million of them.

    Have a good weekend!

  15. You were very brave! That is a skeery situashun! Thanks fur sharing the flashback. Purrs.


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