Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Hunters - Road

This week's Photo Hunters theme is ROAD.

This is Roomba, one of the many feral kitties Mom fed at her day hunting job (when she had one). In the background is the ROAD all those ferals would cross every day, all day long. When Mom would watch, she'd hold her breath and pray none of them would get hit by a car. It was amazing to watch, though, as you could see their ears turning like radar listening for the cars and trucks. Thank cod she never saw one get hit!


  1. Oh, it made our little hearts hurt to think about the kitties crossing the road! We are happy your Mom fed them.

  2. My human has been known to actually stop her car, get out of it, and give lectures to kitties who she found standing on the road. I bet that really learned 'em!

  3. Such a cutie pie! Oh those roads can be downright evil!


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